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5 People You’ll See Tailgating at Darien Lake
It's the day before the DMB concert at Darien Lake, and we thought you should know about who you may end up sharing a beer with. Although there may be a lot of awesome people hanging out in that grass parking lot tomorrow afternoon, there will be a few you should avoid, too.
Stick It And Suck It For Free Nickelback Tickets [PHOTOS]
What would you do for Nickelback tickets? Would you stick it and suck it? That's what a few hundred JACK listeners did this morning (who knew we had that many). Some of them even camped out overnight in the Boulevard Mall parking lot, after spending a few hours in the bar of course.
Concert Announcement: Iron Maiden At Darien Lake
'Hallowed Be Thy Name'? Iron Maiden be thy name, and they are coming to Buffalo. Iron Maiden and special guest Alice Cooper make a stop on the 'Maiden England Tour' at Darien Lake July 16th. JACK FM has your tickets before they go on sale and we're gonna make this really eas…
Did Heart Upstage Def Leppard at Darien Lake?
The guys in Def Leppard must have monster egos. I don't mean that in a bad way. It just takes a certain amount of swagger to let a band like Heart be your opener, knowing that they could blow you away on any given night. Which Heart did last night at Darien Lake.
Def Leppard & Heart This Sunday
Def Leppard & Heart will be preforming this Sunday at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center at 7:30 pm. Don't be surprised if you hear some new songs from Def Leppard because they have a new album out "Mirrorball" with their old hits that they play live, and they also have 3 new studio tr…

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