Amazing Video of Teachers Dancing Behind Students
Some teachers in Massachusetts have turned the tables on their student body by playing a video prank on them. Pretending to film a school documentary, the teachers sneak into the background and show off their not so slick dance moves.
Cute Kids Bust A Move For American Apparel! [VIDEO]
Breakdancing gorilla, step aside. We’re all about breakdancing kids now — namely Jalen Testerman and Lil’ Demon, the stars of a new American Apparel ad directed by photographer Tony Kelly. Both are well-known B-boys: in addition to their many live performances, Testerman appeared on ‘Ellen’ at the t…
Jack’s Shameless Pet Video:Hyper Penguin
Penguins are one of those animals that don’t exactly wow me. Sure they’re kinda cute, make funny little noises and waddle when they walk. But wait until you check out this video of one happy little guy. He makes Happy Feet look sad.
Dancing With The Stars For Real
Don't ask me why, but ever since my mother played me Fred Astaire's "Singing in the Rain," I've been fascinated by random dancing and singing in movies. It's the funniest stuff! Everybody gets up and breaks loose in perfectly choreographed routines right in the …