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9 Funniest Monkeys on the Web
If we had to be compared to any animal, it would probably be monkeys. Why? We both like to... well, monkey around. You know-- pranks, Al Roker remixes and  standard jokester antics. It just makes life more interesting!
12 Baby Animals You Didn’t Know Were Adorable
When it comes to showcasing adorably tiny animals, we usually stick to puppies or kittens or the occasional piglets with people clothes. It's just a standard go-to that never fails to brighten our days or make us "aww!" for hours. Of course these furballs are great and all, but did you kno…
Shameless Pet Video: Gus Vs. Pool [Video]
Betch last week you wish you had a dog like Gus. Gus is determined, no matter what to cool off. And nobody can stop Gus. It isn't enough for him to have a pool in the backyard, he wants an indoor pool.
Shameless Pet Video: 5 Pets That Love to Gamble [VIDEOS]
For most people, Dogs Playing Poker is their favorite piece of artwork of all time. It’s funny to think then that so few have actually ever seen Fido ante up for a couple of hands or throw down on the nickel slots. Well just because you haven’t seen it, doesn&CloseCur…
Shameless Animal Videos- Cat And Owl Hang Out
There is nothing better than seeing two animals that don't belong together hanging out. When I saw this video at first I thought the Cat was trying to attack the Owl... But the more you watch you realize they are actually playing. Yeah I did not see that coming...
Shameless Pet Video: Puppies Chasing Ice Cubes [Video]
Move aside, cats on Roombas: puppies chasing ice cubes might be our favorite new category of animal videos. When these pups mistake slippery ice for skittering critters, a showdown (and a whole lotta adorable) ensues.
Check out these clips of dogs facing off against ice cubes:

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