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Shameless Pet Video: Cat Traps Fellow Cat in Box[VIDEO]
When gray cat sees white cat playing in a box with an open top, it seizes the opportunity and collapses the box’s lid, trapping white cat inside. Then the cruel bully callously sits on the box, making escape even more difficult. According to most dog people, your cat would …
Shameless Animal Video- Cute Porcupines [VIDEO]
When I think of Porcupines I usually don't think cuddly and cute. Yet,when I see one acting like a puppy, or how about a baby porcupine that has the hiccups... I just can't help but think ADORABLE! Apparently, Pennsylvanians would feel otherwise and are in hopes that soon they will be able…
Shameless Pet Video
Today's shameless pet video compilation features some of the wackiest things dogs have ever done. Indeed, Dogs are awesome!
All We Are Is Ducks In The Wind
Ever had a bad day. Watch this video and be glad you’re not a duck. I’m most impressed by the resiliency of the young whipper-quackers. Despite the traumatic experience they dusted themselves off and fell back in line with mama duck with nothing more than a few ruffled feathers.