Corn Maze

Family Gets Lost In Corn Maze, Calls 911
After entering a corn maze in Danvers, Mass. a family became lost and unable to find their way out.  With two small children in tow the father decided to call 911 and ask for assistance.
Pirates and Cornmazes, Oh My!
Another beautiful day for fall in Western New York!  Don’t sit at home today!  DVR the football game and get out and try some of these Jacktivities!
If you have little children and you want to check out Halloween stuff that isn’t scary then the Holiday Hollow…
Get Lost Today in a Cornmaze!
Yes I know fall is here now and I’m sure for most of you the reality has sunk in that summer is finally over and that thing we call snow is right around the corner. Even so don’t sit at home today! Get out and check out some of these jacktivities around town.