The 10 People You’ll Find in Every Coffee Shop
Coffee shops are entertainment hot spots. These places are chock-full of prime people-watching opportunities, because they're not just for strict coffee-lovers anymore. Nowadays, we can get everything from mocha marble whatcha-ma-call-it lattes to chocolate-banana smoothie deliciousness at…
11 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee
There are few people who can’t get through their busy day without a cup of strong black coffee. It gets the blood moving, make your brain work faster and keeps you from falling down face first at your desk in a puddle of your own drool.
Sexpresso – The World’s Hottest Coffee
The coffee at Le Cafe in the tiny Italian town of Bagnolo Mella may be hot, but the owner is even hotter. So hot, that there is a new parking law around the cafe after men were double parking in the streets, some driving over 70 miles to this coffee shop / bar...
Does Coffee Benefit Women More Than Men?
As reported on, a recent study suggest that the effects of caffeine have a much more positive effect on woman than men.
The study focused on how each gender performed puzzles and collaborative memory exercises after drinking caffeinated and non caffeinated cups of coffee...
The “Venti” Just Isn’t Big Enough
Starbucks has been both lauded and lampooned for enforcing its own names for drink sizes -- the "Tall," "Grande" and "Venti." Next time you stop at Starbucks you may see another size selection on the menu.
Best Viral Videos of 2010: BP Spill
As 2010, wraps up Jack FM takes a look back at the year that was in Viral Videos. We asked for your emails and facebook friends also contributed what they thought were the most hilarious videos of the year and even though all these videos have been seen millions of times, they are still just as funn…