Coachella 2014 Dates Announced
It seems like the cleaning crews just got done clearing the grounds of Coachella 2013's trash, and already organizers are looking forward to next year's festival. They just announced that Coachella 2014 will once again take place over two weekends: April 11-13, 2014, and April 18-20, …
12 Strange Outfits From Coachella
Before you head off to that weekend-long music festival, you better remember to pack your bear costume! At least if the festival is Coachella, you'd better. People like to get weird when they go there, so we picked some of our favorite strange outfits and fashion trends from the festival to share wi…
Fake Coachella Posters We Wish Were Real
Coachella is a magnificently hip and amazing drug party music festival where people spend a weekend eyeballing each other's outfits and dancing like fools. While that's all good and well, we did think of a few ways to improve upon the Coachella experience.