10 Fake Buffalo Headlines We Wish News Outlets Would Report
After the Supreme Court today voted to uphold Obamacare, CNN got to work reporting the decision, as any good news organization would. The problem is, they got it wrong. But they weren't alone: The Buffalo News reported the decision incorrectly, too. So did Fox News, but, really, what did you expect?
Jet Packs On Lake Erie This Summer? has posted an article about a Canadian inventor who is selling jet-packs to the general public to compete with personal watercrafts like jet skis.
Raymond Li's invention works by sucking in water and jetting it out the back which creates the thrust needed to propell the op…
The King has left the building, and can’t find his car
Larry King closed out his successful career on basic cable last night on CNN. He reminisced about his long career, including highlights like his interviews with Michael Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and Methuselah. He also read from the Dead Sea Scrolls which were just Sick Sea Scrolls when he started. U…