Church Looks Like A Huge Weiner From Space
The Center for Spiritual Seeking in Dixon, IL has a beautiful new building, however I don't think anyone looked at the blueprints too closely. Luckily for the internet, we have big sophisticated satellites orbiting the Earth that are normally used for super important things like communications …
Groom Collects Slap Bet At Wedding [VIDEO]
There is a time and a place for everything, and the alter in a church at your own wedding probably isn't the time nor place for much more than your vows.
Certainly not cashing in on a slap bet.
Guy Gets Revenge on Loud Church Music by Blasting Adult Film
We all have annoying neighbors -- the guy who mows his lawn in shorty shorts at 7am on Saturday morning or that older lady who floods our mailbox with "help me find a home" cat flyers that makes us hate cats as much as junk mail. What about the family who blasts gospel music so lou…