Ozzy Christmas Not Happening
Ozzy has promised a new Christmas project for years.
One problem: His Wife.
Sharon thinks it's a silly idea and makes her husband look more like a cartoon character than he already is.
Plus, with the new Black Sabbath project off the ground, the last thong she wants is Ozzy's image blurred wi…
Van Halen Christmas
Of all the bands that you would think of doing a Christmas project, Van Halen wouldn't be one of them.
But for years, Diamond Dave has wanted to do a holiday song and he may finally get his way.
Seems that Eddie is starting to warm up to the idea, thinking it could be good for some buzz and it wo…
How to Get Rid of Your Christmas Tree in 10 Easy Steps
It's hard to believe the holidays have come and gone in a matter of weeks, which means all of a sudden our "binge eating" is going to be frowned upon. It also means it's time to think about taking down our festive decorations. This can be a  bummer not only because it's like getting rid of…

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