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Cut Your Own Christmas Trees For Sale in Western New York
It's easy enough to get a Christmas tree in Buffalo; plenty of hardware stores and pop-up tree shops have a huge selection. But there's nothing quite like bundling the family up in winter gear and wandering around a Christmas tree farm looking for that perfect, fresh-cut evergreen.
10 Extreme Christmas Trees
Most people are familiar with the massive, and very impressive, Christmas tree that graces New York City’s Rockefeller Center every year. This tree has come to symbolize the holiday season for millions of people, and is something of national icon, appearing as a backdrop in countless…
10 Festive (and Brilliant) Christmas Tree Alternatives
The Christmas tree is a classic symbol of the holiday season and sometimes, maybe the best way to get in the holiday mood. You put an evergreen tree in the middle of your living room, decorate it with lights, ornaments and tinsel, and—boom—Christmas spirit...