Charlie Sheen

Who Said It? Charlie Sheen or Ron Burgundy?
The outrageousness of Charlie Sheen continues today as he lashes out at his former Two and a half men co-star John Cryer. Figure out who said it, Charlie Sheen or Ron Burgundy in a non-sensical outburst off. Take the test here .
Charlie Sheen as Charlie Brown
The Charlie Sheen mash-ups continue to be all the rage on the internet, but if you really want to laugh, leave it to the pros. Jimmy Kimmel's team hit the jackpot with this awesome mash-up of Charlie Sheen and the most famous Charlie ever.

Charlie Sheen Sober?
Is it really possible that Charlie Sheen has been getting all sorts of crazy while sober? He took a drug test to prove he's sober and we have the results...
Charlie Sheen, Party God
At 45 Charlie Sheen is out-partying porn stars, Hollywood's youth and pretty much everyone else on earth. While the Duke of Debauchery's latest bender all but ensures his induction into the party hall of fame, we have to remember Charlie's been at this for a LONG time. Let's take…