Google Creates Artificial Brain That Loves Cats
As a way to create a simulation of the human brain, a group of researchers at Google constructed a neural network made up of 16,000 computer processors. Then, they turned their creation loose on the internet where it immediately developed a taste for cat videos. This thing is so human it&CloseCurlyQ…
Be A Good Person, Adopt A Pet! [PHOTOS]
If you haven't been to the SPCA recently, check out these photos of the cats and dogs that are up for adoption. The staff is very friendly and would love to help you choose a little friend for you to bring home.
Shameless Animal Videos- Cat And Owl Hang Out
There is nothing better than seeing two animals that don't belong together hanging out. When I saw this video at first I thought the Cat was trying to attack the Owl... But the more you watch you realize they are actually playing. Yeah I did not see that coming...
Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson [PHOTOS]
If you are a fan of the hit show Parks & Recreation and/or cats, you'll like this one. Even if you hate cats, check it out anyways. Clearly some people have way too much time on their hands...if you get to page 14 of this website, you are one of those people....

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