World’s Largest Rubber Duck Coming to Buffalo
No. That is not a typo. A huge rubber duck will be calling Canalside home for a little bit! You'll be able to take in the duck and grab some selfies during the Maritime Festival happening August 27 and 28.
When they say it's the 'world's largest,' they mean it...
What New Things Are Happening at Canalside Thursdays?
The first free concert at Canalside happened yesterday downtown. "Charles Bradley and the Extraordinariness" preformed for a crowd of several thousand.  But a few new things also kicked off yesterday for Canalside.
All guests had to go through a wand screening from security bef…
Buffalo’s Grain Elevators to Feature Light Show Every Night [VIDEO]
Right across the street from Canalside, The Connecting Terminal grain elevator on the outer harbor will turn into a spectacular light show. The show will be every single night from dusk to 10 p.m. and will feature different Buffalo themes such as the Bills, Sabres and changing seasons starting in No…

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