buffalo on tap

The Buffalo Beers You Should Be Drinking Right Now
It's no secret that Buffalo has amazing craft beer scene. With over ten local breweries in the area you will be hard pressed not to find at least one local beer that you like. In fact, the Buffalo Beer Zone is one of the most popular areas at Buffalo on Tap each year...
Why the BEST Way to Experience Buffalo on Tap Is VIP
Going to Buffalo On Tap Harvest Fest? Go VIP! The craft beer festival features over 100 beers from America’s finest craft breweries.
Join us on October 15th at Hamburg Fairgrounds as we taste some of our favorite local brews and discover new ones too...
Beer Facts That Will Surprise You [VIDEO]
Ever wonder about the origins of some of the most popular drinks you get served at the bar? Well here are some small facts that may make you look at breweries and the beverages you are drinking a little differently.

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