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10 Poorest Towns in New York State – Is Your Town on the List?
New York state has beauty in its parks and structures! With several of the most popular tourist destinations located not only in NYC but WNY and Upstate as well, New York as a state has it all. Still with all its beauty there are some areas that struggle to maintain a comfortable life...
Gas Prices in Buffalo Are the Lowest in 12 Years
Woohoooo! Gas prices in Buffalo are hitting an all-time low, well they are the lowest they have been in YEARS anyway!
Gas prices are at their lowest seasonal prices since 2004. The average here in Buffalo right now is $2.36 and the national average is $2...
Hillary Clinton’s Possible Running Mate Is a WNY Native
Rumors are swirling that Thomas Perez, Labor Secretary, could very well run as Hillary Clinton's vice president this fall.
According to the Buffalo News:
Labor leaders praise Perez for pressing forward with several worker-friendly regulations that had been languishing for years, and that work follows …

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