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#BillsMafia Gains National Recognition
Some good-natured ribbing of NFL insider Adam Schefter has accidently turned into a full-blown movement, with the hashtag #BillsMafia receiving some national attention this week in the 'Huffington Post'.
NFL Referees Back to Work
All it took was Monday night's (September 24) debacle to get the real NFL officials back to work. The NFL struck a deal last night (Wednesday, September 26) that ended the lockout and is assembling a crew for tonight's Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens game that doesn't …
Who Are the Buffalo Bills Secret Weapons?
Not since Jim Brown has a running back averaged over 10 yards a carry over the first two weeks of the season like C.J. Spiller, showing over the last two weeks (and the end of last season) why the Bills picked up the explosive back with their first pick in the 2010 draft. But what tends to get lost …

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