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Buffalo Bills Tailgate Party Videos – Our Top Five
I know every NFL football city says that their fans are the best and party hard supporting their team but I'm convinced that nobody parties like Bill's fans. Over the years I've seen some pretty crazy stuff out in the parking lots before Bill's games but we found these five that …
Charges Were Dropped Against Bills Coach Kromer–Here’s Why
What do you think about this?
According to a letter from the victims' attorneys, the injuries to the boys were minor and and rather than get deeper in this situation, the family would just rather have their lives back.
After Buffalo Bills OL Coach Aaron Kromer punched a boy in the face, the Flori…
Aerial Tour of Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson Stadium [VIDEO]
You cheer there. You scream, argue with other fans, drink, play games, drink, show your Buffalo pride, drink --- come on tailgating at a Buffalo Bills game is AWESOME!
But how well do you know the Ralph Wilson Stadium in Hamburg, NY? Check out this aerial tour of the stadium and see it from a differe…

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