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Billy Joel is Building a Motorcycle for Bruce Springsteen
Born a few months apart in the New York area, lifelong labelmates and members of the (other) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen have a lot in common. In addition, both are also well-known motorcycle fans, and Joel is currently building a bike for his old friend.
Bruce Springsteen Receives MusiCares 2013 Person of the Year
Surrounded by friends, family and fellow musicians, Bruce Springsteen received the MusiCares 2013 Person of the Year award over the weekend (Feb. 8). The evening's festivities, which included a tribute concert, auction and performance by the guest of honor, took place at the Los Angeles Convent…
10 Albums That Saved a Band’s Career

Every once in a blue moon, a band puts out an album that's so powerful and successful that it provides something few artists ever get: a second chance. From stadium bands rebounding from flops to indie hopefuls doubting their futures, the acts featured on our list of 10 Albums That Saved a Band's Ca…

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