Broadway Showdown [IMAGES]
ASo JACK was hiding from our boss finding a great place to take a nap... next thing you know we have front row seats to Die Hard 7: Pawnshop On Broadway. All we had to do was pop the popcorn and bust out the camera. Check out the front row pictures that JACK FM was able to snag...
Beatles-Focused Show Coming to Broadway
The Beatles anthology production 'Let It Be' is making the leap from London's West End to the St. James Theatre on Broadway. Rather than focus on the Fab's bitter-end finale, however, the show includes songs from throughout their career.
‘Unruly’ Diva Cat Fired From Broadway Show
Until yesterday, the Broadway production of the Truman Capote classic 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' had been notable for starring 'Game of Thrones' mother of dragons Emilia Clarke in the Holly Golightly role. But now it's an animal actor who's getting all the …