Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Fan Proposes During Concert
Bon Jovi's 2013 tour has been marred by the absence of Richie Sambora (and all the rumors and public feuding), but for the band's true fans, it's still all about the music -- and at Wednesday night's (June 19) concert in Gdansk, Poland, it provided the soundtrack to one Jovi-lovi…
Bon Jovi Loves Zombies
The Walking Dead?
World War Z?
"Living on a Prayer"?
Yes, even Jon Bon Jovi can't get enough of the current zombie craze.
I find myself spending too much time with zombies, on TV, in films, even zombie comics. I just can't get enough...
Bon Jovi Take a Pay Cut for Spanish Fans
Things are pretty bad for the Spanish economy right now, but rather than avoid playing there altogether, the guys in Bon Jovi have opted to give their dinero-strapped fans a break by giving up their own fees for an upcoming Madrid concert.

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