Billy Joel

Billy Joel Thinking About Touring Again
Although he's spent the past few months saying that he's given up touring, Billy Joel may have had a change of heart. In a new interview, Joel says that if he launch another tour, fans shouldn't expect a typical greatest hits show.
Billy Joel Sings ‘New York State of Mind’ with Fan
Although has sworn off the idea of doing another full-scale rock tour, Billy Joel still does his acclaimed 'An Evening of Questions and Answers and a Little Bit of Music' series at colleges. At a recent event, a fan wound up playing one of Joel's signature songs with the legendary mus…
Billy Joel Rules Out Touring Again
Despite a killer performance at the recent 12-12-12 concert at Madison Square Garden and an upcoming headlining slot at JazzFest, Billy Joel will not be mounting a tour any time soon. In a new interview, he disclosed that recent health issues have stopped him from a return to the stage.
Billy Joel Goes Back to College for Intimate Concert
Wednesday night’s Billy Joel show at the University of Massachusetts was far from his biggest concert ever, but for the audience of about 900 students and staff it was more than entertaining. Joel sang, told stories, gave lessons, did impressions and revealed secrets inside Durgin Ha…

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