Labatt Blue Light Lime Bikini Contest At Mickey Rats [PICTURES]
While yesterday's weather was a little less than ideal for a bikini contest, these girls proved they were from Buffalo and could handle the cooler temps. Our lucky winner will be featured in next years Labatt Blue Light Lime Calendar and is on here way to Miami for an all expenses paid trip for…
Bikini Hockey League Hits The Ice
The Lingerie Football League may be taking a season off, but don't worry, a Bikini Hockey League is in the works. Instead of playing on ice (which would have been fun to watch) the ladies will be on roller blades (which means warmer and less clothing and that is awesome).
Who Could Beat Kate Upton, In A Bikini, At A Staring Contest!
While Kate Upton is certainly pretty enough for a fellow to get lost in her eyes, she also has certain below-the-neck attributes that make steady eye contact tricky.
In this ad for Sobe, the swimsuit model uses her famous assets to quickly dispatch of a hapless opponent in a staring contest...
Proof That Faster Isn’t Always Better [VIDEO]
The Zero K Marathon is right around the corner (next Tuesday) As we are training for the long and grueling 100 yard walk, we just wanted to remind that speed is not always better. Take this video for example...actually,  we just like posting videos of girls running in bikinis.