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Betty White loves Football! [VIDEO]
I personally think Betty White is fabulous! I was her biggest fan when she was on Golden Girls. Recently someone showed me this youtube video of Betty White's intro to ESPN's Monday Night Football had me rolling on the floor laughing!  Betty White is AWESOME...
Peoria DJ Asks Betty White on a Date [VIDEO]
Remember that lovelorn teenager who wrote a song asking Taylor Swift to prom? Well, one Peoria radio DJ saw it, and was inspired to ask his own celebrity crush out on a date -- silver fox Betty White.
Keep reading to check out River Country's Rick Stephenson's parody of the "Golden…
Best TV Clips of the Week
You have 6,000 channels (or about that) but have you seen everything? No worries, we've tracked down the five best clips that will either have you ROFL or wiping away the tears.
Betty White doesn’t get the Facespace or Mybook
Thanks to Facebook, Betty White was asked to host Saturday Night Live this season. In it she joked that she didn't even know what Facebook was. Yesterday, Betty White admited to being a technological spaz. Read about it and watch the monologue after the break.