2017 Spring Buffalo Bucket List: Buffalo Beerology 2017
This looks like a riot! Plus, if you're looking to do something that is completely out of the ordinary but, SO Buffalo, NY--Beerology is happening on Saturday, March 4 at the Buffalo Museum of Science. It's going to be like a mini-beer fest, but you're going to learn a lot about beer …
Big Ditch Brewing Company Announces New Menu Items
Yesterday, Big Ditch announced a new beer that is 100% NY and today they announced they have new menu items for lunch and dinner! Big Ditch recently expanded and opened for lunch after exceeding expectations when they first opened.
Starting today you can find new items such as Crispy S…
See The People Who Have Found Bud Light’s Gold Can
Bud Light is hiding random gold cans in random packs of Bud Light all over America. This is basically as close as you're going to get to finding Willy Wonka's chocolate bar golden ticket.
If you find a gold can, which is apparently a lot harder than we thought, you have a chance to get Supe…
Beer Facts That Will Surprise You [VIDEO]
Ever wonder about the origins of some of the most popular drinks you get served at the bar? Well here are some small facts that may make you look at breweries and the beverages you are drinking a little differently.
2016 Buffalo Summer Bucket List: Craft Brew Cruise!
This looks like a riot!
Every Tuesday at Canalside, the Spirit of Buffalo takes off for a craft beer cruise for a couple of hours. The 73 foot boat will take you on a cruise as you sample some of Buffalo's best craft brews
This sucker fills up fast so grab all your friends and book it for next Tu…

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