Want To Know How Much It Costs to Be Batman?
‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ the final installment in the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman trilogy, took in a whopping $160 million over the weekend. (This despite news that the tragic movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado would affect the box office tally.)
Watching the movie, you were proba…
Anne Hathaway — Crush of the Day
This week, Christopher Nolan’s spectacular Bat-trilogy franchise come to a close with the release of the hotly anticipated ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. The new flick finds Batman matching fists with a new movie villain, Tom Hardy’s Bane, and mat…
Does Bruce Wayne Drive a Gotham City Built Chrysler 300?
Car advertisements in movies are nothing new. James Bond has been whoring himself out to auto manufacturers for decades so it comes as no surprise that a car company would want to be a part of the hype surrounding ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ hitting theaters on July 20th.

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