2014 Best Buffalo Bars [LIST]
As we recap the year, it's been the year of beer here in Buffalo, New York. A Growing number of new Craft Breweries in Western New York have impacted the drinking--and we like that in Buffalo. Where's the Best Bar in Buffalo? Where's the Best Beer in Buffalo
10 Fictional Bars You Can Actually Visit
If you’re a TV and cinema buff, as well as a barfly, you just might be able to combine your passions together. The characters inhabiting our film and television fantasy worlds need places to hang out, just like we do.
Best Place To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo In Buffalo
Buffalo has no shortage of great Mexican restaurants, everything from fancy places to take a date to hole in the wall joints to hang with friends. This weekend is Cinco de Mayo and we have put together a list of our favorite Mexican restaurants to celebrate May 5th...
Minors Banned From Chippewa Strip!
As you may have heard, Mayor Byron Brown has signed a new ordinance saying that individuals under the age of 21 are no longer allowed in Chippewa bars past 10pm every night of the week except Thursdays. The whole idea is to stop underage drinking and violence--which is part of the reason why ma…
Best Places To Watch The Super Bowl In Buffalo – Our Top Ten
The Super Bowl is just around the corner and you want to watch the Patriots and the Giants battle on a huge Hi-Def TV. Buffalo has some great sports bars and restaurants geared for doing just that. Here are our favorite places for watching the Super Bowl in around Buffalo.
Study Says Wednesday Night Is Your Best Chance to Get Lucky
Any plans for Wednesday night? Me neither. I know the perfect place.
A study using member profile information from the dating website OK Cupid was able to conclude that Wednesday is the night of the week in which patrons at a bar are most likely to be open to a commitment-less sexual experience with …
Behind the Pine – Episode 1 [VIDEO] [NSFW]
I've known Donny for something like 4 years now and this is probably the first time I've ever spoken to him before like 9pm. Clutterbuck works at Faherty's on Elmwood in Buffalo. When he's not ranting into the camera or slinging drinks he plays the keytar (seriously) in a band ca…

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