Back to the Future

Michael J. Fox Turns 50! [VIDEO]
I love Michael J. Fox and have ever since his days as the tie-wearing, die-hard Republican, Alex P. Keaton on the 80s hit sitcom, “Family Ties.” And today, Fox turns the big 5-0, although he doesn’t look a day over 25.
Watch Movie Characters Say the Title of The Movie They Are In [VIDEO]
Movie titles aren't just picked out of hat, it turns out.  In fact, they almost always have something to do with the movie itself (they do indeed go back to the future in "Back to the Future").
This supercut features two minutes of 80 movie characters saying the actual tit…
Top Ten Movies From The 80’s
It's an Awesome 80's Weekend here at Jack FM and we were thinking what were the "must see" movies from the 80's... Here are our top 10, let us know what we missed.