babe of the day

Babe of the Day – Lucy Collett
Warning: Lucy Collett, today's Babe of the Day, is so hot that you're liable to pass out from the rush of blood draining away from your brain towards other parts of your body. Just sayin'.
Babe of the Day – Ela Pasion
Today's Babe of the Day, Miss Ela Pasion, is an exotic beauty who makes a living by being a promo girl, an import model, a go-go dancer and a ring girl. In other words, she's a professional hottie.
Babe of the Day – Tia Tanaka
The lovely Tia Tanaka graces us as today's Babe of the Day. Don't know if the word "demure" has often been used to describe adult film actresses, but we're gonna go ahead and use it for her.

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