Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Third Eye Blind [VIDEO]
Not only is Third Eye Blind an amazing band of the 90's, and yet again another one of our Freeloaders ticket giveaway contests, but Jack Fm's Artist Spotlight! I mean seriously who can help themselves when Semi Charmed Life comes on... You just have to sing along!
Artist Spotlight: Journey [VIDEO]
OH MY GOD! The time has FINALLY come for Journey to be our Artist Spotlight... This wouldn't have anything to do with our Freeloaders Journey Tickey Giveaway would it?... NO! But now that you know make sure you get on that and sign-up to win... because don't lie to yourself who doesn'…
Artist Spotlight: Green Day [VIDEO]
In light of the St.Patrick's week, get out everything green... oh yes that includes Green Day! Which is why this amazing punk rock band, that this chick had a hard crush on as a girl, won our vote for this weeks Artist Spotlight, and our vote is all that matters...
Artist Spotlight: Foo Fighters [Video]
This weeks Artist Spotlight is one of my personal favorites, the Foo Fighter! Dave Grohl wrote his first album with himself being the only member! He then pieced together the band he wanted, keep rocking out Foo Fighters. Here are a few of my favorites...
Artist Spotlight: U2
No one runs more in one day than Bono does duing one of U2's concerts! Here at Jack FM we wish we had half of his energy. Just watching him exhausts us. So this week's Jack FM Artist Spotlight goes to U2!