5 Weird-A$$ Works of Art
I'm sure if you had a penny for every time you viewed a work of art and didn't quite "get" it, you'd probably have enough pennies to glue to a canvas and win a bunch of awards, right? If not -- well, then you are probably lying.
Artist’s 3-D Drawings Will Blow Your Mind
If you look closely, the hint that this is not an actual Rubik's cube in this amazing video is right in front of you. Two yellow center squares, good luck solving that! These amazing illustrations are so lifelike you might want to put some tarps down, because your mind will be blown...
Jack’s Graffiti Gallery
With the upcoming Allentown Art Festival this weekend, we've been showing you some different forms of art outside the traditional spectrum. One of our favorite kinds of art is graffiti (when tastefully done).
Art That Moves! [Gallery]
VROOM!  Jack FM brings you another creative collection of art!  These impressive, ecstatic bikes and cars are an intro to what you just might see at the Allentown Art Festival!
Beautiful Illuminated Sculptures Light Up England [PHOTOS]
Imagining walking through a park, looking up and seeing an illuminated person floating above you. Or seeing a glowing deer grazing in the distance. A world populated with these creatures would be like a fantasy world or a dream. Now, thanks to the work of artist Cedric Le Borgne, it&CloseCurlyQ…
Banned, Well-Endowed Statue to be Re-Erected in France
Because of its hefty you-know-what, the French banned and removed a giant marble statue of Apollo in the 1970s after people began complaining of its indecency.
Now, more than 30 years later, the well-endowed sculpture is being, uh, re-erected smack dab in the middle of the Place Massena in Nice, Fran…