Dog Dies in Buffalo After Owner Leaves Out on Porch
A woman in Buffalo is facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges after her dog died when she left it outside long enough in the heat on her upstairs apartment porch.
The SPCA was tipped off by the Buffalo Animal Shelter and the Buffalo Police Department, and Buffalo Fire Department arrived to the dead…
13 Animals Kicking It in Kiddie Pools for Memorial Day
Hooo boy, it is so close to being summer, we can practically hear the incessant song of the ice cream truck already. Frankly we don't want to wait until Monday to kick off the season. We can't. We've lost all control. Here are some pics of animals in kiddie pools to prove it.
Lions Open Up The Car Door During A Safari In Africa
I can think of a lot of scary moments in life, but this one may take the cake. Imagine what could have happened if this female lion actually hopped into this family's car. Talk about a rush.
Joshua Sutherland wrote on YouTube:
Did you know lions could open car doors...

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