Thunderstruck on Cello’s [VIDEO]
AC/DC are a classic rock icon's. Ever wondered what the sweet tunes would sound like if they were performed in Classical form. These 2 kids are making old music new again by doing it a little differently than we have heard before. Cello's, amp's, and distortion go a long way in p…
AC/DC Singer Brian Johnson Launching U.K. Radio Show
AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson will marry his two main passions when he hosts the upcoming radio show ‘Brian Johnson’s Rockers and Rollers’ on BBC Radio 2. The program will run for six weeks and feature Johnson playing a wide selection of his favorite music, as…
AC/DC Wine to Become Available in the U.S.
Last year, AC/DC launched their own brand of wine in their native Australia. The response was so good that, in February, they were able to begin exporting it to the U.K. Now, they look to conquer an even bigger market, with the product soon to hit select stores in America.

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