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Tommy Tutone Can Save You Money
Many grocery stores have rewards cards. You've seen them -- in exchange for letting the store datamine your purchasing behavior, you get discounts off your bill.
Some people, though, are creeped out by the whole thing and feel it's an invasion of their privacy, so they skip those discounts. But they …
Awesome 80′s Weekend: 80′s Are Bigger Than Ever
So what is it about the 80's that we love?  The hair was bad, the fashions were gaudy and the TV shows were pretty cheesy. David Sirota, the author of "Back to Our Future: How the 1980s Explain the World We Live in Now-Our Culture, Our Politics, Our Everything", says in a recent USA Today …
Amazing Michael Jackson Cabbie [Video]
It's an Awesome 80's weekend on Jack FM, and the greatest music icon of the 80's was Michael Jackson. He may have died, but his music lives on in an unlikely source...a Brazilian cab driver who entertains his fares with a spot on impression of the King of Pop.
The Dark Lords of SYNTH
It's an Awesome 80's weekend on JACK so relive the decade of shoulder pads and synthesizers with this video of three guys doing a keyboard 80s music medley. Reminds me of the old joke "What's better than roses on a piano?"
Awesome 80’s Weekend
This weekend we’re going Jack to the Future! It's an Awesome 80’s weekend. No, we’re not going to bore you with replays of the A-Team, Karate Kid or Tron. You can go to the movies for that. But we will be playing what we want from the 80&CloseCurl…