As you probably saw in Dean’s post, a car salesman in Chicago was fired after wearing a Green Bay tie to work. Ballsy move, yes. But did he deserve to be fired?

I’m not in sales, so I don’t know the first-hand rules on attire, but even if you hate the Packers – and your team is playing them in the NFC Championship – isn’t a little friendly rivalry good for the soul or something?

I think the tie is an excellent move for a salesperson looking for a way to relate to his customers. Love ’em or hate ’em, the tie is a definite conversation starter. Just look at the conversations it’s started all over the web. He was just trying to make a living. Leave him alone.

Unfortunately, I’m sure there are a lot of you who’ve been in the same kind of predicament. I know I once got in trouble for wearing an American flag pin on my shirt. THE AMERICAN FLAG. My colleague at the newspaper I was working at (not an Erie County publication, don’t worry) said the pin showed “whose side” I’m on. You’re damn right it did! This is the same guy who used to ask me if I felt OK, and before I could answer he would say, “Because you look like sh*t.” But I digress. 

Hopefully by now Packers fan John Stone has a different job – a better job. And if not, he’s more than welcome to bring his Packers tie to Buffalo. He just better make sure to leave any and all Patriots garb behind.