The biggest football game in the world is coming up on Sunday, February 3, and what better way to have a few drinks while watching the Super Bowl than with a drinking game?

While nachos, beer and a few friends watching the game is always fun, we decided to spice things up and make this year's championship a bit more exciting. Kick back at home, bust out the chicken wing dip and try not to get too schwastey.

Jack FM's Super-Duper Football Drinking Game is broken down into categories, so you can easily pick which rules to follow based on if you're watching the game or "watching the game" (i.e., talking during everything but the commercials and halftime show).


Each time the camera shows Roger Goodell...Take 2 sips

At each mention of the Saints “BountyGate”...Take 2 sips

When Ray Lewis gets very emotional during the National Anthem...Drink for 5 seconds


Whenever the Harbaugh brothers are mentioned in same sentence...Take 3 sips

Whenever the word “Harbowl” is used...Drink for 5 seconds

Each time the Harbaugh parents are mentioned ... Drink for 3 seconds

If someone mentions Ray Lewis and Baltimore's defense in same sentence...Take 2 sips

If someone mentions Ray Lewis' retirement...Drink for 3 seconds

Whenever Alex Smith's name is said...Drink for 5 seconds

Game Play

Fumble -- Take 1 shot

Interception -- Take 1 shot

Kickoff return for a touchdown -- Finish your drink

Your team gets a first down -- Take 2 sips

Pass completion of more than 20 yards -- Drink for 3 seconds

Chain gang comes on to the field -- Drink for 3 seconds

Quarterback sack -- Take 2 sips

Opponent scores a touchdown -- Drink for 5 seconds

Your team scores a touchdown – Take 1 shot

Your team successfully wins coach's challenge -- Drink for 3 seconds

Halftime Show

Each time Beyonce shakes her hips seductively...Take 1 sip

During the "Single Ladies" song, each time Beyonce shakes her hand to "put a ring on it"...Take 2 sips

Each time fireworks or sparklers are shot from the stage...Drink for 3 seconds

If Jay-Z shows up on stage or is shown at the game...Drink for 5 seconds

For each song that Beyonce lip-syncs...Drink for 5 seconds

Everyone Drinks For Three Seconds When...

...A commercial is shown that unanimously sucks.

...You see a commercial with a baby.

...You hear any Buffalo Bills reference.

...Someone makes a Manti Te’o reference.

...You see a Geico commercial. (NOTE: If it's one featuring the gecko, take one shot.)

Player Endorsements

Aaron Rodgers' Discount Double Check -- Take 1 shot

Peyton Manning's Buick commercial -- Take 1 shot

Any other player endorsement -- Take 1 sip

Anything with RG3 -- Drink for 3 seconds


When the players give their head coach the winning Gatorade shower...Drink for 3 seconds

When the cameras show the Harbaugh brothers taking a picture together...Take 3 sips

After the game, when Ray Lewis is on the ground talking to God...Take 2 sips

Each time Ray Lewis mentions God during his interview...Take 2 sips

Contributed by Dane Johnson, Brandon Kilijanski and Jake Knott