It's Sunday and I don't want to hear any excuses about how you can't go out and have some fun today!  Seriously it's your last day of freedom before you have to head back to the trenches we call work!  Put down the remote, get off the couch, and go have some fun today!  Look I've made it super simple too!  Here are some great events this weekend you'll want to check out!

Today a great event you’ll want to check out is the Children’s Day Program at the Penn Dixie Site in Hamburg.  For me this place is awesome I LOVE digging in dirt hoping I’ll find something and since the possibilities are even better of doing that at Penn Dixie I Love going there!  Spend the day tomorrow starting at 1pm digging for your own fossils.  Visitors will collect and keep all the fossils they find.  You’ll be your own Paleontologist!  Along with that you’ll get the chance to check out the Penn Dixie telescopes that will be set up for you to view sunspots and solar flares.  Stick around after you cleaned up your hands because they have some delicious frosted dinosaur cookies for you as well!  It’s tomorrow at the Penn Dixie Site starting at 1pm their Children’s Day Program.

Then another fantastic event today to get you out of the house for some fresh air is at the Tifft Nature Preserve.  This one is perfect for the weather we have been having!  Today at 2 is their program called Trek Tifft.  It’s a drop in program so you don’t need reservations to join in on the fun just show up!  You’ll spend the afternoon hanging out with the Friends of Tifft for their guided tour of the preserve.  I had one of my friend’s checks this one out for me last weekend and she said Tifft Nature Preserve is absolutely beautiful.  Not only did she feel like you could wander for days and still not see all the beautiful surrounding but the wildlife she got to check out was incredible.  She said her favorite part was the turtles and the ridiculously large tadpoles at the preserve.  Check it out for yourself today at the Tifft Nature Preserve starting at 2pm for Trek Tifft.

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