With the summer fast approaching, I'm reminded of one of my favorite Youtube videos of all time, "Neature Walk."

The popular video has over 3 million hits and is one of the quirkiest things you'll ever see. It consists of two "explorers," Lenny and Rodney, who go out into the woods and try to convince you that nature is "neat." You'll find that they use the word "neat" quite a bit, especially with the phrase "that's pretty neat!" After watching you may find that your use of the word increases greatly.

As funny as the video is, it does have some truth to it. In this area, we really only have a few months out of the year when you can truly enjoy the outdoors. This summer, make an attempt to go out to the park, the lake, or the woods and soak up some fresh air and greenery. Hey, it may not be around much longer.

I think you'll find this pretty neat.