STYX fans are always divided into two camps.

The rockers who loved the Tommy Shaw/James Young compositions (Blue Collar Man, Miss America, Renegade).

And then there are the Dennis Dee Young fans.

Part Broadway showman and part Vegas showroom, but all hits (Babe, Come Sail Away, The Best of Times).

Saturday night at the Fallsview Casino, STYX showed that they can still rock with the best of them and carry on without Dennis, but not as complete a band as they where in their heyday.

Dennis Dee Young has long been replaced by Lawrence Gowan, a great showman in his own right.

He has the chops and the vocal range to cover Dennis Dee Young's songs, but let's face it, he's not the man who made the music.

Still, songs like 'Come Sail Away' and 'The Grand Illusion' sounded just like Dennis was singing them.

Now for the rockers who came to see the loud stuff, this was a night of magic.

Tommy Shaw and J.Y. have always been the blood that made STYX flow and Saturday night they seemed not only to be having fun, but played with passion.

One highlight was Tommy Shaw's 'Crystal Ball', a song he wrote and delivered to the members of STYX before he joined the band.

J.Y. belted out 'Miss America' like it was 1978 all over again.

Founding member and Bass player Chuck Panozzo joined the band on stage for a number of songs and it was something special.

Mr. Panozzo has been H.I.V. positive for a number of years and his illness keeps him from a full tour schedule, but he still makes special appearances like this one.

Maybe someday we'll get another full STYX reunion with Dennis Dee Young, but if not, they've got you covered.

Bottom line, this was one STYX show for the rockers.