The Central Terminal will be presenting "Deco-Fest" tonight at 5 p.m and the cost to get in is $20.  There will be a bunch of activities for both the ladies and the men!  There will be performances from Cherry Poppin Daddies, Blue Ribbon Bastards, The Royal Crowns and Krypton 88!

There will be a car club that will be featuring a lot of vintage cars!  Jump in the jive with swing dancing followed by an instructor to help you out when in doubt!  There will be Miss Deco-Fest 2011 for all the ladies who participate!  The winner will receive a trophy along with free prizes from the Terminal!  This seems amazing right, but this is not all the event has to offer!  

There will be an opportunity for the ladies to dress up as a pin-up girl and be photographed by Scarlet Noir Photography!!  This is a great event that will only be happening today!  Oh jeez, don't let us forget the Burlesque performance brought to you by Pole Play Dance Studio!!  

Check out the link below to see a hot burlesque performance!