We’ve all had them before. Risqué dreams about someone other than our significant other. Maybe it’s about Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. (Maybe together!) Or maybe it’s about our favorite pharmacist.

But what if it’s not?

What if it’s about someone you see more often? Let’s say about five days a week. What happens when that blissful dream is about – your co-worker?

It shouldn’t be so bad. Sure, you know what “happened,” but he or she doesn’t. Still, every time that person glances your way, flashback!

It’s pretty nerve-racking – similar to a first date. Many questions swirl through your mind: “Does he know?” “Can he tell?” “Am I staring at him?” “Do I have food in my teeth?”

And you creep around the office, trying to avoid your dream date, but still gaze at him or her from across the room. How is one supposed to actually work?

If you’re one of these unfortunate ones – or fortunate, depending on the dream – seek solace at your desk for a day or two.

And Google the heck out of him or her.