Hello, we are  three kids from South Buffalo, who are better known as Kill The ClockDan McCormick, age 17 (vocals, guitar, bass and drums), Joe Morganti, age 14 (guitar and bass) and Will Tutuska, age 15 (drums, bass and vocals).

We play alternative/rock music.  Since we switch instruments, our sound is very unique.  We each bring a different sound to the instrument we are playing, because of our different influences. This really helps us grow as a band.

Our musical influences range from Blink-182 to the Dave Matthews Band, from Jimi Hendrix to the Foo Fighters, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to The Black Keys.

Take a listen to our newly recorded song "Last Chance":

If you could create your dream tour, which bands would you bring along with you and why?

We each have a different idea of our dream tour…

Will – My dream tour would be with the Dave Matthews Band.  They are a huge influence in my music.  Carter Beauford is my favorite drummer.

Joe – The Black Keys would be my dream tour.  Dan Auerbach is one of my favorite guitar players, and they are one of my favorite bands.

Dan – My dream tour would be Blink-182 because they are the reason I became a musician.

What was the most memorable show you've played together, and what made it so special?

The most memorable show for both Dan and Joe was “Mountstock 2012.” We liked playing to the crowd on an outdoor stage. Will’s most memorable show was our first show at The Old Triangle. It was a lot of fun.

Any good embarrassing on-stage moments you can share with us?

Our very first show ever, we played a benefit.  After two songs, some guy named Yuri told us to get off the stage because we were too loud! Not really embarrassing, but we found it funny!

What's next for Kill The Clock? Where are you performing next?

We are currently working on a demo. Our next show is at The Old Triangle this Friday, October 5.   We will also be playing at Charlie O’Brien's (865 Elk St. in South Buffalo) on Saturday, October 13, at 8:30 p.m.

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