With hundreds of millions of people world wide logging onto social media sites everyday it's no wonder that businesses around the world have begun hiring social media experts to help them gain the upper hand in marketing themselves to this mass of potential customers.

The Los Angeles Times recently published and article stating that "Corporate America is on a hiring binge for people to manage a company's presence on Facebook, Twitter and similar sites."

Imagine being paid to surf facebook and tweet all day long. Hardley seems like a job to me but young social media experts are being well paid to boost the social media presence of fortune 500 companies.

I ran a search for "social media expert" on  on monster.com and came up with a total of 322 results.  this is an amazing number of job opening for such a new job title. 

So listen Mom and Dad, if your sons and daughters are spending to much time on twitter or Facebook they may just have a bright future.

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