Welcome to Buffalo! Where it snows as late as April and gets into the 60's in November... OK maybe 60's is a stretch but we can dream. When I went to bed last night I knew I was going to wake up to snow in the morning. Every weather station was guaranteeing it.  So, seeing as though we are Buffalo and home to some of the worst snow storms in the nation (In my opinion), I was hoping the driving conditions would be expected. Slow, but safe.  What I encountered today was only half of that, slow but horrific.  There were accidents almost everywhere I went.  The 90 was basically a parking lot, people were flying up to lights and then expecting their "breaks" to stop them on a dime, reminder your breaks work, but your tires will continue to slide. Therefore I saw one car T-bone another at an intersection.  Let's all take a deep breath, and now that we see the white on the ground remember what it was like to drive just a few weeks ago.  Winter did just end... or better yet is still coming to and end.  Come on Buffalo let's get it together, I know I want Spring... better yet Summer just as bad as the next person.  But, let's band together and deal with this traditional weather while Mother Nature continues to deal us these cards! We wouldn't be Buffalo otherwise!