Not to be a buzzkill, but summer's almost over. In the last week, we've had some of the most pleasant weather of the year (not nearly as humid and dry as June and July). Enjoy it, because experts are predicting an especially harsh winter.

Eyewitness News forecaster Mike Randall told us not to get too bent out of shape and defined just what IS harsh to a Buffalonian.

"I heard it's just going to be cold, that's all," Randall told us. "Anything's gonna seem like a lot of snow after last year, but it's just going to be cold and sometimes it gets so cold it can't snow."

You can blame El Nino, the powerful air stream current, that historically yields bad weather. While October and November are expected to be similar to last year's mild winter, December and January should be colder than normal. At least there aren't predictions for driving snow storms like we had two years ago, and maybe we can actually get a little skiing in this winter!