Yes, I know the Sabres played the Panthers on Thursday, but I can’t get one thing off my mind: are the Florida Panthers the kid who gets picked last in gym?

If you watched the game, you saw how many Sabres fans were in attendance. I know part of my family was there, with big signs reading, “Go Sabres.” I thought it was pretty cool, until I saw that they were sitting on the Panthers’ side.

Then I couldn’t help but feel sad for the team. It’s honestly bothering me. Do they have any fans? How do they play well without any love? Is this why they’ve sucked so badly over the years?

Of course, I don’t tune into Panthers games unless the Sabres are playing them, so I don’t see who’s in the stands for other games. But my dad lives down there. I know he’s paid $8 for a center ice/lower bowl ticket. Parking is free. And I know that he’s previously attended a game where the Panthers lost and the organization handed everyone there tickets to an upcoming game to have another go at it.

And I also know they can’t fill the stands.

Sure, it’s Florida. And Floridians aren’t in love with hockey like us Buffalonians. But there’s still a bunch of guys out there trying to make a living. Trying to get some wins. And trying to win fans.

And now they have my pity. From here on out I will root for them like a mother roots for their child, who is smaller, less talented and uninterested in their sport.

Until they start winning games. But is that really ever going to happen?