The coffee at Le Cafe in the tiny Italian town of Bagnolo Mella may be hot, but the owner is even hotter. So hot, that there is a new parking law around the cafe after men were double parking in the streets, some driving over 70 miles to this coffee shop / bar. Women in the town have also been forbidding their husbands from going there.

Once word got out, owner Laura Maggi noticed a much larger crowd day and night, and I doubt they are there for the drinks. Maggi has owned the bar for eight years, but once her photos popped up on the internet, business has been booming. This isn't in a large city like Milan or Rome where it would be a little more expected and possibly more acceptable, Bagnolo Mella looks like a sleepy little town of just over 12,000 citizens.

Since the start of the controversy, Maggi has become a bit a of a national celebrity, appearing on TV and radio to talk about her 'business style' and what others think of her.

If the guys come here what can I do?

'I know I have upset the women but that’s not my problem.

'It’s not my fault if guys want to come and have a drink in my bar.’

If only Tim Horton's followed this business plan, they could really live up to the Timmy Ho's name. (sorry, I couldn't resist)

See a full gallery of photos here. (You may want to wait 'til you get home)
Full story from UK Daily Mail