A cartoon movie character portrayed as fat and ugly is stirring some controversy this Halloween because you can’t be fat to wear her Halloween costume (maybe ugly). In the movie "The Little Mermaid", Ursula the Sea Witch is a big woman, but the Sassy Ursula costume being sold throughout the country for about 60 bucks is only available in sizes 4-14. Plus size women, who likely would find the character a perfect fit for Halloween fun, can’t buy it. Proving once again, that costumes for women are usually marketed on sexiness alone.

In fairness, there was a point in the movie where Ursula transforms herself into the skinny Vanessa to marry the sexy, young Prince Eric. This costume, however, clearly portrays the wacked out hair, purple color and octopus legs of the antagonist.

Is it wrong that there are no costumes for big, beautiful women? Heck, is it wrong that Ursula, the villain in the Little Mermaid, was made overweight in the first place? Would love to see your comments in the Facebook section below.