Sammy Hagar is a lot of things.

Humble isn't one of them.

In a recent interview, the Red Rocker claimed Eddie Van Halen was a control freak, who didn't want him spending time in Cabo Wabo and wanted a larger percent of Van Halen's publishing.

But it didn't stop with the Van Halen bashing, as Sammy compared his playing to that of Aerosmith's Joe Perry.

He basically said that if he was a Five, then Joe was a Six on the Guitar.

Sorry Sammy, if you are a Five on Guitar, then Joe Perry is a Fifteen.

Now, when do we get that ultimate Van Halen reunion with you, Diamond Dave and Michael Anthony all getting together with Eddie and Alex?

As Sammy once sang, it all seems like "Dreams".

But it would be "Sweet Emotion" if it happened.