The Buffalo Sabres-Ottawa Senators rivalry continued online in the Guardian 30 Match-Up Facebook challenge, with Sabres fans casting the most votes to meet their team’s new superhero character, The Sabre.
As a superhero, The Sabre was the product of a hydroelectric experiment gone awry.  As a result his body is totally comprised of water.  He uses a specially designed hydro-suit that allows him to control his physical appearance although mostly he chooses a human form.  He has the abilit y to be liquid, solid or in a gaseous (vapor), state, depending on what’s needed for the situation.

The Guardian 30 Match-Up is a Facebook application, hockey fans determine which team wins each match-up, with team superhero character revealed daily.Fans can continue to vote for their favorites and learn about the Guardian Project and the individual Guardians, as they’re unveiled, at and by going to

The full unveiling of all 30 Guardian superhero characters within the Guardian Project will be held in a special presentation during the 2011 NHL All-Star Game  in Raleigh, N.C. on Sunday, January 30 (4 p.m. ET live broadcast on VERSUS in the U.S.)